About Newington

Newington is one of Sydney's newer suburbs, being built on 90 hectares adjacent to the Olympic site at Homebush Bay. This positions it at the geographic and demographic centre of Sydney, 15 kilometres from the CBD, and 8 kilometres from Parramatta.

Newington boasts a wide range of attractive and convenient features including a neighbourhood shopping centre with supermarket and speciality shops, medical centres, primary school, family daycares, community centre, and a Business Park. It is also well served by public transport, and has a 24 hour security patrolling service.

On Newington's doorstep are some of the world's very best sporting and recreational facilities, including ANZ Stadium, Allphones Arena, Sydney Showground, Sydney Tennis Centre, Sydney Aquatic Centre, Blaxland Riverside Park and Bicentennial Park, Sydney's largest metropolitan park with over 40km of cycle and pathways.

A Clean Green Suburb

Solar power, together with other energy minimization measures included in the development, will reduce the demands on non-renewable sources of energy by half compared to standard project housing.

The environmental guidelines have committed the developers, the Mirvac Lend Lease Village Consortium (MLLVC), to energy conservation, use of renewable energy, water conservation, waste minimization and improved standards of air, water and soil quality.

With innovative environmental planning and design, Newington is a world- class urban village founded on the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development and the World's Best practices.

Recycled water system

Newington residents are incredibly fortunate in having an answer to the water restrictions the rest of the city has to endure an unrestricted secondary water supply. As part of the 'green' philosophy that underpinned Newington's development, which includes roof-mounted photovoltaic solar cells for domestic electricity generation and optimal building orientation to maximise natural cooling and heating. A recycled water supply is connected to all Newington houses and apartments. This water re-use system captures storm water and sewage from Newington and Sydney Olympic Park and treats it with microfiltration and reverse osmosis to remove all particles largest than 0.2 microns, including any water parasites, viruses and bacteria. It is then pumped into a dedicated secondary plumbing system (totally separate to the drinking water supply) for Newington residents to use, in whatever quantities they like. While Newington's recycled water is not suitable for drinking, it is permitted and safe for uses including:

  • Washing clothes, pets, cars, windows, brick work
  • Watering lawns, gardens and parks
  • Toilet flushing
  • Filling ponds, water features and fountains
  • Air conditioning cooling

Newington Community Centre

The main hall at Newington's Community Centre has a beautiful parquetry floor and cathedral ceilings. This hall is perfect for private functions, including birthday parties, wedding receptions and other similar events. It is also excellent for holding training workshops, drama and theatre classes, as well as exercise classes and martial arts demonstrations. There is an adjoining kitchen suitable for catering to a medium size group. The capacity is for around 100 people.

Useful contacts

Sydney Olympic Park

Phone: 1300 889 388

Email: info@sopa.nsw.gov.au

Website: www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au  

Sydney Aquatic Centre

Phone: 9752 3666

Website: www.aquaticcentre.com.au  

Newington Neighbourhood Association

Website: www.newingtoncommunity.com.au  

Newington Library & Customer Service

Street address: Corner of Avenues of Europe and Asia, Newington 2127

Phone: 9748 2410

Opening hours:

Thursday: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Newington Public School

Newington Boulevard, Newington NSW 2127

Phone: 9748 7933

Email: newington-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Website: www.newington-p.schools.nsw.edu.au