Here is some important and helpful information for tenants, which we recommend you read:

Tenants' rights and responsibilities

The New South Wales Department of Fair Trading administers regulations concerning the responsibilities and rights of both landlords and tenants. For further information, read the 'New Tenant Checklist', compiled by the Department of Fair Trading at

Specific Information for Newington tenants

Newington is a Community Title suburb with a number of provisions applying to the outward appearance and presentation of properties comprising it. When you move into Newington as a tenant, you, like all residents, are bound by these provisions. To this end we request the following not be visible from the street: satellite dishes, laundry and garbage bins (apart from when garbage collection is due).

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to both regularly mow your lawn and maintain your front garden, for example, removing weeds and dead plants. The objective is to keep the exterior of your home tidy and presenting well to the street. All of this is monitored by an executive residence committee, whose objective it is to keep the community tidy. The committee has the right to enforce the above at the resident's expense, if notices are issued by the committee and not complied with.

Repairs and maintenance

If you have a repair that needs fixing, please put your request for repairs in writing, addressing any correspondence to our office. A simple way to do this is by using the repair request form available on this website. In case of an emergency, please contact our office 9751 9000, referring to the office hours mentioned below. Under the terms of your residential tenancy agreement please note clause 19, which outline the terms and conditions associated with urgent repairs and the liability for the costs incurred.

Services (Gas, electricity, phone)

Tenants have the responsibility of having the services listed in their name. A reading of your electricity meter is advised prior to vacating the premises.

Useful telephone numbers:

Energy Australia: 131 535
Australian Gas Light Company: 1300 556 104
Sydney Water: 132 092
Telstra: 132 200


Your existing lease is a binding legal agreement that can be terminated in two ways. If you are approaching the end of your lease you need to provide NVRE with at least 14 days written notice prior to the expiry date set out in the lease. Otherwise, if your lease has rolled over onto a week to week basis, you need to give us at least 21 days written notice. In the case of unforeseen circumstances and you are forced to vacate the property early, please contact us as soon as possible. You will be required to continue paying the rent until the expiry of the lease, plus meet the advertising costs required to find a new tenant. However, giving us as much notice as possible will assist us in finding a new tenant quickly.


If you have any questions in regard to your responsibilities as a tenant or about your property in general, our office is open six days and we welcome your queries.

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Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 5.30 pm and Saturday, 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

Telephone number is: 9751 9000
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