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Property Management

We strive to provide you with exceptional real estate and property management services giving you peace of mind knowing your residential or commercial investment is well looked after.

Our property management team is highly experienced. We fully understand the Residential Tenancies Act and the procedures of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), and use them legally to the landlord's best advantage. NVRE's property management team has:

  • Zero tolerance of rental arrears
  • Prompt and accurate payment to landlords
  • Thorough record keeping and reporting
  • Regular property inspections, and the use of photographic recording/reporting
  • Thorough new tenant selection processes
  • Regular rental reviews in line with market conditions
  • Extensive experience in dealing with and understanding the needs of property developers
  • A record of good, professional relationships with tenants
  • Specialised experience in leasing and managing properties in new and near-new developments.

NVRE prides itself on offering the highest levels of personalised service, putting you, the client, first.


We pride ourselves on our constant communication therefore you will receive a high level of service and will always be kept informed about your investment.


We assure you of a premium level of marketing through our exposure in and The prominent location of our office receives a number of walk-in enquiries enhanced by our window display.


We are constantly evolving and are always utilising the latest technology for our clients such as:

  • Advertising on the major real estate websites
  • Photographic periodic inspection reports
  • Emailed monthly statements
  • SMS arrears management
  • Maintenance requests via our website
  • Regular newsletters keeping our clients up-to-date with changes in legislation and current market values.


Our tenant selection is of the highest standard. We are committed to securing the best quality tenants in the quickest turnaround possible. Our brand attracts high calibre tenants who will maintain your investment.

We also have a strong relationship with Relocation Agents who refer quality tenants to us.

A thorough screening process is applied to all prospective tenants. We obtain and check multiple references.

Tenancy Reference Australia (TRA)

NVRE uses Tenancy Reference Australia where tenants can upload their applications directly online. References are checked directly with the previous landlord and real estate agents. Any previous tenants which have had a poor tenancy history is recorded and checked. If a tenant defaults, they can be listed as a high risk.


When a tenant has been approved, the Residential Tenancy Agreement is executed and the lodgement of the bond will be made. We will then provide you a copy of the agreement.


Knowing the importance of being kept informed we provide thorough inspections of all properties.

  • Condition Reports & Final Inspections: We carry out a photographic ingoing condition report prior to the tenants moving in. This report is vital at the end of tenancy to ensure the property is in the same condition or better condition (allowing for wear and tear) for the bond disbursement.
  • Periodic Inspections: We conduct these inspections on a six monthly basis and provide you with a photographic report outlining the condition the property is being kept in and a list (if any) of any maintenance issues. We also advise you if we feel the rent should be increased at this time.


We have a long established, professional relationship with our tradespeople meaning the level of repairs are of the highest standard at a competitive rate. We will always contact our clients for permission to implement any repairs.


Free of charge we can organise the re-direction of Council, Water and Strata levies to be forwarded to us for payment out of the rental income. All clients will receive a copy of any invoices paid which will be itemised on your monthly statement.

Rental Payments

We provide all tenants with our BPAY biller code so they can pay rent any day or time via BPAY.

We then pay all clients via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) either mid-month or end of month. Client statements can be posted or emailed at this time. We also provide an annual financial statement free of charge.