Chuck Lee

Chuck Lee


Getting to know Chuck Lee

Chuck Ow Lee, Consultant, is a very diligent and hard-working team player. Chuck brings real commitment and integrity to his position. As a result of his commitment at Newington and his passion in Real Estate, Chuck Ow Lee has been credited with achieving several sales records in 2015, including four-bedroom houses for $1,700,000, $1,695,000 and $1,670,000. Those 3 sales were top prices achieved for Newington. In addition, Chuck SOLD a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 car space that needed some work for $766,800 in a modified market during the latter half of 2015. He has performed consistently in all market conditions due to his attitude, personality and skills. He will achieve a great outcome for you too.

Chuck speaks English, Chinese and Indonesian, providing invaluable assistance in communicating effectively with the local multicultural community. Chuck has lived in Newington since 2003 and is active in the community.

Prior to joining NVRE in 2003, Chuck lived and worked in several countries, giving him the unique ability to effectively interact with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Chuck lectured at Monash University and was the Director of Technology Planning at Prudential Insurance and the General Manager of Financial Software provider based in South Korea, so he also understands Korean customs and negotiations.

With an earlier managerial background in Information Technology and Financial Services, Chuck has a strong commercial background at a senior level.

Chuck’s formal training in Negotiation Skills and his ability to negotiate with the Non English Speaking market segment has resulted in achieving Premium Prices for his clients. Chuck is a Licenced Real Estate Agent (L.R.E.A), holds a MBA (University Technology Sydney) and a Graduate Diploma in Management Systems (Swinburne University of Technology).

In addition, Chuck enjoys reading and regularly works out at Dooley’s Gym. Some of his favorite books include A beautiful Mind by Edward de Bono, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

Chuck has been credited with the first $1m sale at Newington in 2010 and has performed consistently achieving results that were deemed Newington’s records in 2015 being $1.7 m and $1.67m. Chuck would recommend you to speak with past clients regarding his attitude, skills and professionalism in making a stress free Sale including achieving an outstanding result.